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Directed and edited by Michel Antoine Seurat, Camera by Pierre Moulin, 16 mm BW copy, Music by Bill Evans, From Left to Right, 1969, GC&SERC, NYC, Total time: 16:59 min
Recorded Interview
Seth Widman and Michel Antoine Seurat about: A rainy day with George Cup in Easthampton, 1978
Interview recorded on WQXR  on march 17/ 2011

Michel Antoine Seurat, born in Paris in 1940, is a French film editor and lived from 1970 to 1980 in New York City. Today Seurat lives in Paris. In 1977 Seurat made a short film about George Cup in his studio in Easthampton. In February 2011 he discovered that the George Cup Research Center is bringing back the life and work of George Cup & Steve Elliott to public mind. One of the last existing copys of this film is now in possession of the Research Center and after digital restauration displayed to the public for the first time. 

Filmstill from:
A rainy day with George Cup in East-hampton, 1978 by Michel Antoine Seurat

Michel Antoine Seurat 1977
Photo by Didier M. Auriol